Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Supreme Court in Saudi Arabia calls for Ramadan Moon Crescent sighting on Thursday (23rd April)

The Supreme Court in Saudi Arabia called for looking the crescent of the holy month of Ramadan, on Thursday (April 23rd) evening, corresponding to the 30th days of the month of Shaban, according to the calendar of Umm Al-Qura, and inform the nearest court of those who see it with the naked eye or through telescope. Trending : Saudi Arabia crossed 11,000 Coronavirus cases with 109 deaths

The Supreme Court requests those who see it with the naked eye or through telescopes, to inform the nearest court and register his testimony with it, or to contact the nearest center to help him reach the nearest court.

- In case of moon sighted on Thursday (23rd April) evening, Friday (24th April) will be the first day of Ramadan, This year's Ramadan is going to be different as the entire world is suffering from coronavirus pandemic. Recommend : Start of first flight for departing expats who wants to return to their countries

- Saudi Arabia extended the suspension of praying in the Grand Mosque and Prophet Mosque for public during Ramadan to curb the spread of Coronavirus, Itikaaf also suspended in the Two Holy Mosques as per the Presidency of the Tow Holy Mosques.

- Saudi Grand Mufti and Scholars called all in the Kingdom to held prayers in Home including the Taraweeh and Eid Al Fitr prayers, if the coronavirus pandemic continues. See Also : Ramadan Taraweeh prayers to be held in home during Coronavirus

- The Prophet's Mosque in the Madina city banned events of Iftar arrangements in the mosque for breaking the fasting and called to break the fasting in homes those who need to provide Iftar meals can provide to others who need it.

Saudi Arabia Supreme Court calls for sighting Ramadan Moon Crescent

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