Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, April 12, 2020

Expatriates preferred to be in Saudi Arabia instead of Home Countries during this Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak

Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia have been opposing the wish to go to home after the wake of Coronavirus disease pandemic, Foreign expats prefer to stay in the Kingdom instead of thinking to go to home countries. Trending : Saudi Arabia's King Salman orders the extension of Curfew until further notice

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have acted quickly to introduce the precautionary measures aimed at preventing and combating the spread of Coronavirus and ensuring the health and safety of its citizens and expatriates.

- The Government measures have reassured the foreigners to remain in Saudi Arabia rather than return to their home countries. Read : Saudi police arrested a man for spreading rumor of empty shelves in a store

- Moreover, Saudi Arabia's King Salman ordered the free treatment for all in the people living in the Kingdom, including people who overstayed and violators announced the government to care the population of the country.

- The Saudi Health Ministry communication is very clear via its text messages, social media campaigns and marketing platforms, All the efforts taking by Saudi Arabia making us feel safe, calm and confident that everything will be right here.

- Recently, American Ambassador to Saudi Arabia called the United States community in the Kingdom to remain in Saudi Arabia instead of heading to the home country during this health crisis. Most Viewed : Interior Ministry announces Compelete curfew with no movements in some parts of Madina

- The Food supply is good in Saudi Arabia, Emergency services are sound, medical systems is functioning very well. Unlike some countries, Saudi Arabia has acted quickly and measures applied at early stages of Covid-19 pandemic, It includes suspension of flights, prohibiting people from visiting Makkah, Madina, public places enforcing curfews, stopping movements, etc,.

Expats prefer to stay in Saudi Arabia instead of going Home countries during Coronavirus - Saudi-ExpatriatesCom

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