Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, April 11, 2020

Saudi Police arrested a Man for spreading Rumor online of Empty Shelves in a Store

Saudi police arrested a young Saudi man for filming empty shelves inside a store and uploaded the video clip on social media to spread false news said a police official to Saudi news agency. Trending : Interior Ministry announces Complete Curfew with no movements in some parts of Madina

The Saudi man, who is 19 year old, recorded the empty shelves in a shop when they were being cleaned and sanitized in the store in the Eastern region of the Kingdom. He shared the recorded video clip on social media stating they were empty of goods with the aim of spreading false rumors about food shortage said the region spokesman. Recommend : AlRajhi Tahweel announces free international and local transfers for 6 months

- The violator is a native of Hafar Al Batin city in Easter region of the Kingdom, He was identified and arrested, All the legal procedures will be taken again him for trying to create panic in the public said an official.

- Saudi Arabian police arrested 2nd person in such type of creating panic, As earlier a Yemeni national was arrested in the Eastern Region on similar charges. Such offenders to face 5 years jail and a maximum of 3 million riyals penalty. Read : Saudi Arabia to produce 1000 ventilators per week locally

- The authorities in Saudi Arabia warned against spreading false rumors and harming public order on social media in such critical time as the country is taking all precautionary measures in combating with spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

Saudi Police arrested a man for spreading Rumor of Empty Shelves in a Store

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