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24 Hour Curfew in Samtah and Al Dayer regions of Saudi Arabia starting from Today until Further Notice 

The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia stated that within the Kingdom’s efforts to confront the Coronavirus pandemic, and in implementation of the recommendations of the competent health authorities to raise the degree of precautionary measures and preventive measures, in order to preserve the health and safety of citizens and residents, it has been decided as follows:

First : The curfew will be around 24 hours a day in the two governorates: (Samtah and Al-Dayr), and it is prohibited to enter or leave it until further notice.

The prohibition of entry and exit does not include groups excluded from employees of the vital sectors in the public and private sectors, whose actions require continued performance during the prohibition period, as stated earlier. Most Viewed : Ramadan Taraweeh & Eid prayers to be prayed at Home in Saudi Arabia during Coronavirus

Second : In the narrowest range, residents are allowed to leave their homes to meet only the necessary needs, such as health care and food, within the residential neighborhood in which they reside, and during the period from six in the morning until three in the afternoon every day.

Motor transportation within residential neighborhoods during this period is limited to only one person, in addition to the vehicle commander, to reduce contact with the minimum.

Third : Prohibiting the practice of any commercial activities, except for health facilities, pharmacies, foodstuff stores, petrol stations, gas stores, banking services, maintenance and operation works, plumbing technicians, electrical and air conditioning, water delivery services and sewage tanks.

There is a specialized committee in the Ministry of the Interior that periodically reviews the excluded activities, and updates them continuously, according to an evaluation by the committee. See Also : Up to 10,000 riyals fine for violating Workers Housing rules

The Ministry of Interior calls upon everyone to leave the home for adults, and only in necessary cases, in order to protect children from the causes of transmission, and that delivery services be used by smart device applications to request food and drug needs and other excluded goods and services and deliver them to homes.

The Ministry confirms that these measures have been taken within the framework of the Kingdom's efforts to preserve public health and prevent the spread of the Corona virus, and that it is subject to continuous evaluation with the relevant health authorities. Trending : Ministry of Education promotes all students to next class

Ministry of Interior announces 24 Hours curfew in Samtah and Al Dayir - Saudi-ExpatriatesCom

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