Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, March 21, 2020

Total cases reached 392 in Saudi Arabia, After 48 new cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19), 16 Recoveries

Health Ministry in Saudi Arabia confirmed 48 new positive cases of Coronavirus (Covid19) in the Kingdom, Bringing the total number of infected cases to 392 with 8 new recovered cases making total 16 recovered cases, and 376 cases are being treated in isolationin various health centers of the country, In which 2 are critical and remaining all are in stable condition. Trending : Saudi announces new rule on expats whose iqamas and exit re entries expired after international flights closed 

The coming period to bring more positive cases worldwide, The Minister of Health is requesting everyone to help in contributing the health of the country, by staying in home. Contact is the currently first cause of spreading the Coronavirus infection, We invite everyone to stay indoors and stay away from gatherings. We discourage even small gatherings of 5 to 20 people.

Among the new 48 infected cases,

- 5 infected cases are of Health practitioners of one Hospital in Riyadh without any symptoms, The Hospital is closed now. Read : Suspension of all domestic flights, trains, buses and taxis for 14 days in Saudi Arabia

- The rest of the cases, most of which were caused by gaining infection through contact with previous cases, some of which were associated with attending social events such as gathering for condolences and family meetings, and these are unfortunate examples of the effect of gatherings in spreading the infection, whether in homes, breaks, parks, and the like.

- The average age of the infected persons is 43 years excluding 14 children, Two third of total cases are of Saudi Nationals and One third of cases are of different nationalities (Expatriates). The total number of quarantine persons are 10,000, We conducted more than 22,000 laboratory tests to detect the infection of Covid-19.

- By not shaking hands and washing hands regularly is not enough, We need to be more active and self quarantine in home for 14 days. Young men and women who thinks their immune system is strong is not true, It will infect everyone. See Also : Saudi King Salman said we will provide all medicine, food and living needs

- The Ministry official said he is saying “Not as an official health ministry spokesman…but as a doctor, as a friend, as a brother…stay at home as much as possible and stay away from the dangers of gatherings.”

Total cases reached 392 in Saudi Arabia, After 48 new Coronavirus cases

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