Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, March 22, 2020

Pakistan suspended all International flights for 2 Weeks, After spike in Coronavirus cases

Pakistan announced it is suspending all international flight operations for 2 weeks as part of a strategy to prevent the spread of coronavirus pandemic in the country.

The Pakistan's Civil Aviation Authority said the decision to effect from March 22, 2020 (8 PM). The suspension includes commercial flights, chartered flights. However, diplomats and cargo flights excluded from this suspension.

- More than 200,000 passengers and tourists is going to effect after this suspension, As they already booked flights. All those need to contact with their airlines in order to rebook , cancel or refund their flight tickets.

- Pakistan reported 730 positive cases of Coronavirus with 3 deaths as of now with worst effected Sindh province by 396 infected cases. Majority of its confirmed and suspected cases are Shiite Muslim nationals who recently traveled to religious sites in Iran.

- The Pakistan government is making its tough decisions to ensure the safety and security of its people after the growing threat of Covid-19 pandemic.

Pakistan suspended International flights for 2 weeks, After Coronavirus

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