Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, March 14, 2020

Saudi Arabia suspends All International Flights from Sunday for Two Weeks

Saudi Arabia to suspend all international flights for 2 weeks starting from 15th March 2020 to slow down the spread of coronavirus in the Kingdom announced Ministry of Interior, As of now 103 cases of Coronavirus reported in KSA.

The suspension will be from 11 AM on 15th March (Sunday), Only few flights would be allowed in 'exceptional cases' during this 2 weeks of period said the Ministry in its statement carried by SPA (Saudi Press Agency). Read : Saudi Arabia suspends all mass gatherings, events in wedding halls and hotels until further notice

- For expatriates and citizens who cannot come back or unable to return by Saturday, They will be considered as in an official holiday. All the necessary arrangements will be done about health procedures including examination and isolation as per the measures approved for all arrivals of Saudi Arabia.

- The Ministry of Health in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, GACA and other related authorities will work together for bringing all the Saudi citizens who wants to come back to the country, the procedures for this step will be announced soon. See Also : Medical Leave of 14 days for Self Quarantine to all who entered in Saudi Arabia

- Last week, Saudi Arabia suspends all the European Union and 12 other countries in Asia and Africa were added in the list of travel ban to and from the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia suspends All International Flights from 15th March for 2 Weeks

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