Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Indian Umrah Pilgrim dies in Makkah's Mosque while Praying

An Indian Umrah pilgrim died in Saudi Arabia during a prayer session in Al Salam Mosque of Makkah in the Jabal Al Noor. The pilgrim was of years and he knelt down in the Sujud pose and never stood back in his prayer.

The Worshipers in the mosque ended their Salah, They noticed that the man was not moving, Then only they get to know that the man is unconscious. Emergency medical care team visited the place but they could not bring back the man. Read : Employers must not deduct or delay salaries of employees

- All the people who witnessed the incident in mosque were left shocked and chanted Allahu-Akbar as the died Umrah pilgrim was carried out of the mosque.

- The man was in Saudi Arabia to perform his Umrah and he dies due to Heart attack while praying in Sujud, he visited the Kingdom only before few days. Makkah's Al Maabda police department finalized all the papers of the deceased to repatriate the body back to his home country. See Also : Incentives for Pakistani Nationals on remitting money to Pakistan

Indian Umrah Pilgrim dies of Heart attack while Praying

Indian Umrah Pilgrim dies of Heart attack while Praying

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