Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, July 3, 2020

Muroor in Saudi Arabia warns from 'Driving on Opposite direction' and 'Going back on Reverse gear'

The traffic department (Muroor) in Saudi Arabia warned all the drivers from 'driving from the opposite direction of the road' and 'Going back on reverse for more than 20 meters on road' as it increases the possibility of accidents and dangers the lives of other road users'.

Fines for Driving in opposite direction :

The violators who violates the traffic law of 'Driving on opposite direction of the road' in Saudi Arabia will be penalized with not less than 3000 SR and not more than 6000 SR. The penalty is huge as it deals with the lives of others on road. Recommend : Throwing objects from vehicle is a traffic violation

Traffic Violation of "Driving on Reverse Gear" :

The Traffic department of the Kingdom warned all the drivers of the country from 'Going back on Reverse on main roads for more than 20 meters' or driving on reverse gear on main road for more than 20 meters, As it is a violation in Saudi Arabia and the offenders will be fined not less than 150 Saudi Riyals and not more than 300 Saudi Riyals. Know more : List of new traffic violations in Saudi Arabia

Fines of Driving on Opposite direction and Going back on Reverse

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