Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, July 10, 2020

Saudi Arabia bans Barbecue, Shisha and other fire things at Public Places

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has banned barbecue and shisha in public parks and warned the violators would be fine with 100 SR.

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs announced that those who caught lighting fires for a barbecue, shisha or any other activities in public areas or parks of Saudi Arabia would be penalized on the spot with a minimum amount of 100 SR.

- First time offenders would be fined with 100 Saudi Riyals and on repeat of violation the offender the fine will be double to 20 SR said the Ministry of Municipal Affairs of the Kingdom in its statement.

- The aim of the decision is to ensure the safety and put an end to harmful parctices that harm the offenders and the other public in public areas stated the ministry.

Saudi Arabia bans BBQ, Shisha and other fire things in Public Places

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