Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, July 13, 2020

Using Curtains in a Car or Vehicle is now a Traffic Violation in Saudi Arabia

Using curtains in a car or vehicle is a Traffic offense in Saudi Arabia, If drivers found using curtains in their cars will be fined up to 300 SR reported the Kingdom's local media.

According to the Traffic Police Department, One of the main reason of accidents in the Gulf are using curtains in the car, It cause accident as the curtain block driver's views.

- The curtains used in cars prevent drivers from seeing other cars properly and this is one of the main reson of road accidents in Saudi Arabia said the traffic department in its statement.

- Those using curtains in their cars should be removed, as they are committing a traffic offence and the violators will be fined up to 300 SR, If they caught committing this offence on the Kingdom roads.

- The Traffic Police Department responsed to a query raised by a Saudi National regarding the new regulation about using curtains on cars.

- The installation of blinds is a traffic violation as per the schedule of violations No.2, paragrah 10 (Placing barriers inside or outside the vehicle impedes the vision of the driver) and fine for this violation ranges (150-300) Saudi Riyals.

Saudi Arabia bans using Curtains in Cars or Vehicles

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