Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, October 21, 2019

Saudi Shoura Council is discussing on a Proposal to end increase in Expat and Dependent Fee

Shoura Council Members in Saudi Arabia discussed proposal to end increase in expat and dependent fee, The council is discussing with its relevant departments and authorities on the possibility of keeping the current fee structure for the next year.

Three years ago, Saudi Arabia government levied dependent fee on expats family members living in Saudi Arabia, It was started with 100 SR per month on each dependent with a increase every year. FOr the current year the fee reached 300 SR per month on each dependent, Next year it is about to become 400 SR per month on each family member.

- A section of Shoura members believe that the further increase in expat fee as well as dependent fee might effect growth and hurt small and medium companies of the Kingdom.

- In the last 3 years, Thousand of expatriates left Saudi Arabia or sent their families back to their home country, It resulted in decline in consumers and drastic increase in flight for foreign exchange.

- The decision also negatively impacted real estate market of the Kingdom with a sharp decline in rent structure all over the Saudi Arabia and construction activity.

Proposal to end increase in Expat & Dependent Fee is being discussed

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