Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, September 7, 2019

Government Employees in Saudi Arabia will get a Holiday on Revisit to the Hospital

A revisit to the hospital of a government employee in Saudi Arabia is considered as an official holiday for him or her, if he submits valid medical reports issued by the hospital announced the Ministry of Civil Service. See Also : Per Day ATM Withdrawal limit in Saudi Arabia

- As per the report of Saudi Gazette, The Ministry on its Twitter account cleared its rules and regulations do not give the employee a wedding holiday though this is aprroved by the private sector in the category of 'Marriage Vacation'. Related : Vacations & Leaves as per Saudi Labor Law

- However, A man is entitled to get a 3 day Holiday in case he blessed with a baby, while woman employee can get 70 days maternal leave as per the rule and regulation of Saudi Labor Law.

Government Employee will get a Holiday on Revisit to the Hospital

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