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Expatriates Guide for Working in Saudi Arabia

Till start living or working there, you can’t understand how amazing is Kingdome of Saudi Arabia to have a surprising professional career and personal life bounded with intercultural traditions.

As Saudi Arabia is one of the most happening countries among world nations in facts of commercial developments, social amendments, recreational activities, gender parity
improvements and many more transformations, working and living there will be a better choice for you.

- This country is surprisingly improved for setting up opportunities for aspiring women around this globe also. So, don’t wait long while to be a part of excellence now. Knowing a few facts mentioned right down here will help you to have a better working life in Saudi.

1. First and important word is Iqama!

It is the work and residency permit for an expat, which is mandatory to live in this country and valid for identification. For opening bank accounts, traveling in public, using ATM services, for getting a new sim card, for securing stays in the safe side, and for all living purposes, a verified Iqama is obligatory. Iqama is necessary for your dependents like spouse and children and you will be listed as their legal sponsor.

2. Probation period

As per proper work contract, the probation period can be upto 90 days, and in a certain situation, it can be extended more, but such an extension cannot be more than 180 days. The probation period doesn’t include Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha holidays and sick leave.

3. Leaves and vacations dogmas

· As per Saudi labor law an employee is allowed to have 21 days of paid annual vacation

· Under verified doctor’s medical statement about the health condition, first 30 days of rest will be fully paid by an employer, and three fourth of total wage will be given for his next 60 days rest. But the next 30 days will be unpaid.

· According to the new amendment in labor law, if anyone in blood relation passes away, employees are entitled for 5 days paid leave. In case of female employees, she is entitled for 4 months 10 days Iddah leave when her husband passes away.

· If any employee is performing Hajj, he is permitted to have 10 days paid leave. This benefit is allowable if he completed 2 years with the same employer and once in 5 years with the same employer

· Employee can get 5 paid leaves for his marriage.
· For female employees, 10 weeks of paid maternity vacation will be benefited, with four weeks before delivery and 6 weeks after delivery.

· Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha :4 days of paid vacation will be permitted to every employee

4. Don’t worried about getting terminated

No employer can terminate an employee without an award, advance notice, or protection against law until an employer stands a chance to state his genuine reason for termination according to employee’s personal and professional negligence.

5. End of the service benefits!

The employer has to pay end of service benefit for an employee at the end of employment. The mass of benefit will be different depending on a few factors like duration of service, circumstances of ending service, the way he stopped working with that employer etc.

6. Few don’t dos while working and living in Saudi

Alcoholics, Israeli currency, narcotics, pornography, pork products, religious books and materials, imitation and counterfeit goods, etc are strictly prohibited in this holy country. While living in this country, you have to learn to respect Saudis sacred Islamic culture and traditions.

Other than these aspects about working in Saudi Arabia, labor law is really commendable for offering a great work environment and sound employee-employer relationships. Saudi wholeheartedly welcomes all brains from everywhere. For interconnected flight routes between major cities dispersed overworld to ensure global presence in Saudi, and safe and neat stays around significant locations in this country, Emirates promo code will be reliable for guaranteed fair fare packages. We know Saudi is known as the land of prophet in the radiance of great and holistic Islamic laws, and undoubtfully it is also land for many ambitions around the world now. it’s your turn to listen to Saudi!

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