Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, June 10, 2019

Video : Udupi people in India try Frog Wedding for Rains and to beat the scorching Heat

In a strange attempt to appease the rain god as per the locals ideology, the Udupi Citizen Forum arranged the marriage of 2 frogs. Local believe that this ritual will get them rains and relief from the scorching heat. Most Viewed : Procedure to get Endorsement letter from Indian Embassy for Saudi PCC

This strange event happened in Udupi which is 400 kms away from Bangalore of Indian city. As per the Udupi Citizen Forum, The rain god seems to have deserted the coastal district over the past few months and the people are struggling for water. Recommend : Saudi King Salman and Crown Prince congratulated Indian PM Narendra Modi on his victory

- This wedding will get much needed rains for them, the wedding ritual began by catching a female frog and male frog from two different villages.

- Hundreds of guests invited and attended including media persons, the wedding of Varun (male frog) of Kalsanka village and Varsha (female frog) of Keelinge village, the marriage was performed as per the Hindu rituals. See Also : Flynas announced direct flights to Delhi and Hyderabad

- The two frogs were well dressed in custom made outfits for the marriage ceremony. The newly wed couple will be sent on a honeymoon to Mannapalla near Manipal.


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