Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, June 9, 2019

Saudi Arabia is issuing instant e-Tourism Visa in Three minutes for Jeddah Season Festival

Saudi Arabia announced issuance of instant e-tourism visa for the visitors of 'Jeddah Season' within 3 minutes with a condition that the applicant shall buy ticket for anyone of the event of the ongoing 40 days 'Jeddah Season' festival. Most Viewed : Saudi bans work under the sun from June 15 to September 15

Visa issuance is linked with the purchase of tickets for any of the events of the festival, Through purchase of a ticket, applicant can obtain tourist visa immediately and within 3 minutes with the portal www.sharek.sa , the applicant have to complete some minor procedures. Trending : New moon sighting of Ramadan and Shawwal from Makkah Clock Tower from 2020

- The approval of the instant e-Tourism Saudi visa comes with a aim to boost the flow of tourists and visitors to Jeddah and to push for the success of the first edition of the Jeddah Season festival, which is started on June 8th and ends on July 18th of 2019.

- The festival is featuring wide variety of events and activities aiming to target the visitors of all age groups, individuals and families. One of the aim of the season is to bring the attention to the city of Jeddah, which is one of the major seafronts with unique features in terms of its seashore, arts and diversity of its cultures and its originality as per the report published on Saudi Gazette. Recommend : Saudi Arabia imposes tax on e-Cigarettes and sugary drinks


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