Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Makkh Clock Tower turns into Tourist attraction with its Museum

World's third tallest building 'Makkah Clock Tower' with globe's largest clock is now have a museum inside for the Muslim visitors on the top four floors of the building. Read : New moon sighting of Ramadan and Shawwal from Makkah's clock tower

The museum was designed to take the visitors on a tour of Universe, which will reveal how the people in olden days used to measure the time, how they used sun, moon and the galaxies for the purpose of measuring the time. See Also : Careem launches Bus service in Jeddah

- One floor is dedicated to the Sun and how the Moon and the earth revolve around it, another floor is dedicated to the time measurement, It is also filled with models and the structures on astronomy and galaxies as the authorities aim to attract more Muslim tourists to the Saudi Arabia.


- One of the floor is dedicated to the world's largest giant clock with each face measuring 43 by 43 meters, it weights about 36,000 tonnes. The clock is equipped with protection against rain, sandstorms and winds. See Also : A security officer carries elderly man up from stairs in Makkah

- The giant clock is covered by 100 million piece glass mosaic with 24 carat gold leaf. By night about 2 million LEDs illuminate the clock, making it visible till the distance of 8 km.

- The other floor is for a balcony view for the visitors, who can enjoy the panoramic view of the Grand Holy Mosque. The entrance fee is costing about 40$. Recommend : Fines and deportation of expats on failing to renew iqama on time

- The Makkah Clock Tower museum is run by MISK, a non-profit organisation headed by the Saudi Crown Prince 'Mohammad bin Salman'.


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