Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, June 10, 2019

Careem Launches its Bus service in Jeddah

Careem launched its bus service in Saudi Arabia with Jeddah as the first city for operations in the Kingdom. Initially this service is operated with 20 buses. Most Viewed : PIA passenger opened emergency exit door thinking its toilet door

The aim of the Careem bus service is to cater the daily commuters, The price per trip is going to cost 3 SR and 5 SR depending on the route. It will be 60 to 70% cheaper than Careem car service. Recommend : Sign Up for free ride of Careem in Saudi Arabia

- Careem bus service will be available between 7 AM to 8 PM, Initially this service will start with 13 seater air conditioned mini buses with stops at various landmarks of the city.

- For now the bus service will operate on 3 routes, Tahlia street loop, Prince Sultan Road north-south-north and Hira street east-west-east. Based on the customers feedback, the service will be added to more routes. See Also : No work under sun between June 15 to September announced Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia

- The app for Careem bus service is different from the Car service app and the app is available in both Android and iOS. Last month the Careem bus service launched between Jeddah and Makkah.

- Users can choose the pickup location and drop off location after which the option of picking the bus that suits their time, They can also track the bus when arriving at the location like Careem car app. Read : A Saudi and an Arab expat steals company safe in broad daylight

- Walk on passengers also can go through Careem bus without booking, Initially the payment option is only cash, later it will add wallet on the app or by registering the credit card.

- The Careem buses are provided in partnership with vendors who employ the drivers and pay them a fixed monthly salary, All the fares collected by the drivers is for Careem. Drivers to get their salary regardless of the number of trips.


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