Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, May 30, 2019

Hard times for Sheesha smokers and Cigarette smokers in Saudi Arabia as prices may go up

Sheesha smokers around Saudi Arabia are in for some bad news as they will see further rise in the cost of Sheesha and other tobacco products at restaurants, cafes and other outlets offering Sheesha facility to the customers outside and inside the outlets. Most Viewed : Restaurants and Coffee shops in Saudi to pay levy for selling tobacco products

As the Saudi Arabia's cabinet recently approved a new licensing regulation under which a levy of 100,000 SR a year will be applicable on retail outlets like restaurants, cafes that are selling tobacco products.

- Saudi Arabia is planning to made a nearly smoking-free country under its vision 2030, As the country has highest rate of smoking in the world, It is observed that the youth were vulnerable to succumb to this deadly habit. Recommend : Selective tax on e-Cigarettes and sugary drinks

- After imposing a selective tax on cigarettes, e cigarettes, tobacco products, sugary drinks, energy drink and soft drinks. The import of the products has been reduced by 43%.

- The increased concerned of the government which also launched a campaign and banned smoking at public places. Many smokers are not happy with the decision and saying the new tax on restaurants and cafes will be passed on customers as it will include in the bills. See Also : Penalty for smoking at no smoking places in Saudi Arabia

- The new regulation of imposing a levy of 100,000 SR on restaurants, coffee shops and other outlets is going to affect all over the Kingdom including the places which are not popular.


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