Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Green light for new Saudi green card issuance within 90 days

The new Special Privilege Iqama may be Saudi Green Card, It will allow qualified foreigners to stay in the Kingdom for an unlimited period. Its a green signal from The Council of Ministers for Special Privilege Iqama. Trending : Saudi Green Card is only for qualified expats

The new Saudi Green Card is ready for issuance within 90 days, It will have options to renew every year or one time as permanent, its few benefits includes the following

1. Residence permit to the card holder and his family.
2. Can obtain Visit Visas for his relatives
3. Able to recruit domestic workers Recommend : Strict punishment for violence against domestic workers
4. Can own properties or real estate
5. Can own transport and other advantages
6. No Kafeel or Sponsor to the card holder

- The holder card of the Saudi Green Card or Special Privilege Iqama will have to make payment of a special fee as per the determination of the Executive Regulations, The details of submitting applications and mechanism is yet to reveal. See Also : Naqal maloomat through Absher website

- Valid Passport, financial resources, health report and certificate of no criminal record will be the requirements to get new Special Privilege iqama.

- This card will help in reducing expatriate remittances which are going out of the Saudi Arabia around 400 billion Saudi Riyals every year. Economists believe it will help foreigners to invest in the Kingdom with at least 100 billion Saudi Riyals. Read : Najran airport is reopened after 4 years of closure


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