Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, July 18, 2020

Reasons for why some Expats remains Poor even Working Abroad for Years or Decades

Everyone in our home country thinks expatriates those who are working abroad or in Saudi Arabia are earning good, eating healthier and saving money for their future. Related : I spent decades on my job and left Saudi Arabia with no money

In reality, the situation is far from their think, many Expats remained poor even  after returning home, they have worked hard and earned good by working abroad for years and decades. But they did not save or planned for future, here are the main reasons behind it. Recommend : Benefits of working in Saudi Arabia

1. Family : One of the main reason for expats remain poor even after earning good is their families, friends and relatives who are totally dependent on them. As they are getting your money on time and they think you are getting higher income, which is enough for all their problems.

2. Debts : This is the second main reason of expats for being poor, You or your family thought once you work abroad you will get good income, believing that you will over borrow money from others in the form of debts or loans. See Also : Filipinos stopped at airport because of pending debts

3. Money Management : This is the reason of almost all expats working in Saudi Arabia or abroad, They do not have plans for long term, or they do not have any goals in life. They think their job is permanent and they will get money on time, each and every month.

- By thinking that they spend their all monthly income in month's first few days and then started waiting for their next month salary. Read : Money Management Tips

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