Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, July 17, 2020

Money Management Tips for Expats working in Saudi Arabia or Abroad

Expatriates Money Management Do's and Dont's :

1. Do not tell your exact salary to anyone, Start saving little money from it and do not tell about saving to anyone including yourself.  Recommend : Why some expats remain poor even after working abroad for years

2. Do not spend on expensive gadgets, which will not benefit you or which lasts only for a year.

3. Spend on friends only if they can spend back on you. Owe them only if you think they can able to return. Recommend : List of eligible iqama professions for family visas in Saudi Arabia

4. Let your family realize the value of money, change the dates of sending money sometimes or skip one time, so that they can realize you may not have money always.

5. Do not invest money on ponzi or fraud schemes or scams, who offers you which is not possible.

6. Plan big targets and execute it within time, like buying home or land or save it for your or your family health emergency. See Also : Saudi Airport announces passengers rights on flight delays

7. Invest on such thing which can return back your money whenever you want, like in buying Gold, Land, Home, Mutual funds, etc,.

8. Do not depend on one income, make sources of another incomes.

9. Spend time only on such acts, which returns you health, money, relations, hereafter life, etc,. Read : New rules on woman working in Saudi Arabia
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