Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, December 16, 2018

Ministry of Interior launched new version of Absher for its 11 million users of Saudi Arabia

Good news for 11 million Absher users in Saudi Arabia as the Ministry of Interior launched a new face of Absher to serve Individuals, businesses and government departments. Recommend : Update dependent passport information using Absher

The first edition of "Absher government" includes 93 services and for "Absher individuals" with more than 22 electronic services provided by Passport department (Jawazat) and Administration of Prisons and Public Security and represented by the General Directorate of Traffic and the Department of Weapons and Explosives.

List of new services added in new Absher for Individuals for the year 2019 :

1. Postal Delivery Service (Request Postal Document Delivery, View Previous Postal Document Delivery Requests)

2. Ministry of Housing (Authenticate Rental Contracts)

3. Public Security

4. General Services

5. Vehicle Services (Renewal Registration Vehicle, Vehicle Insurance, Vehicle Insurance Validity)

6. Dependent Services (Extend Visit Visa, Iqama Issuance, Iqama Renewal, Update Resident Passport Information)

7. Sponsorees Services

8. Appointments (Civil Affairs, Passports, Expatriate Affairs, Weapon & Explosive).

9. Total Amount for Traffic violations

10. Traffic Violations Information

11. Authorization

12. Generalization Report Query

13. Public Query Avaiable Funds

15. Update User Information (Email, Mobile).

16. Passport Inquiries (Arrived Labors and Visitors, Exit re Entry Status, Fingerprint Enrollment, Travel Records Information, Passport Information).

17. Many more services which were using in old MOI Absher.

In order to access new Absher click on this link "", Currently the launched version is in Beta service.

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