Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, July 22, 2018

A Saudi man did not Sleep for 30 years, gets a car of his wish

Believe it or not, This is the reality for a Saudi man, he has not slept in 30 years, his case was referred by several doctors and specialists, but he never get back his sleep. Most Viewed : True story of Dubai

According to the local Saudi media reports, the man's condition began after he stayed awake for 20 consecutive days while he was on an army assignment. Recommend : Thank you Saudi Arabia, Iam going on final exit

- After his assignment, he went to the various doctors to know the reason behind for not getting sleep. Various nations doctors was unable to bring back his sleep.

- They just confirm his chronic insomnia came because of depression, Even he get various medications to treat his symptoms, his sleep never returned to him. Read : Teacher rewards 1 riyal coupon to top student

- When the Emir of Al Baha region heard his story, he said he had only one wish, to have a family car, upon hearing his wish, Al Baha's Emir gifted him a car.

- This is not the first time, we see a man with out sleep for years, Earlier a Vietnamese farmer 'Thai Ngoc' did not sleep for 33 years, In another case a Hungarian soldier 'Paul Kren' did not sleep for 40 years. However, This are very rare cases. See Also : Heartwarming story of a young Saudi boy


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