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a. Continued to the earlier steps
b. Required Attachments: 
- Passport (Original) 
-  Iqama (Original) 
- Two passport size photograph 
- Passport photocopy (first & last page) 
- Photocopy of Iqama 

c. Fee: SR.116 
d. Once the form is submitted, you will be issued a token slip & will receive text SMS when your Letter of Endorsement is ready to be picked form VFS Global Center, which generally takes 4 working days to be issued. 

Note: There will be a considerable rush at VFS Center, your token may take 2 hours. 

Tip: Whom so ever are in hurry to get the Letter of Endorsement and cannot wait till 4 working days, may approach Indian Consulate with token slip issued from VFS, next-day after submitting their application at VFS and request for their letter to be issued, which usually is issued the very same day. 

Consulate of India, Jeddah - 

Step2: Translation English to Arabic of Letter of Endorsement, If your Embassy/Consulate has issued your Letter of Endorsement in any language other than Arabic, you need to get it translated. Fee: SR.50–75

Tip: For residents of Jeddah, get your document translated from the Certified Translators – Madinah Road near KFC I have got my document translated by paying SR.30 TWICE!

Step3: Attestation on Letter of Endorsement from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
a. In Jeddah, MOFA address -
b. Fee: SR.40 (Govt. fee is SR.30, Operator fee of SR.10)
c. Required Attachments:
- Fee paid print
- Original Iqama
- Original passport
- Photocopy of Iqama
- Photocopy of passport

Reach MOFA by 6 AM if you are willing to get your attestation done on the same day. There will be a huge rush, MOFA opens at 9 AM, but people will start forming a line starting 6 AM (first come, first serve).

Be prepared to wait for 6 hours or even longer even after reaching at 6 AM, if you reach past 7 AM, your token number is bound to be called the next day. Personally, this was the most frustrating step of all the step in getting Police Clearance Certificate for me.

Tip: If you don’t want to wait for this long, visit MOFA a day earlier at around 12 PM, there will be no line outside, enter in, take token and do not wait but go back. Come at 7 AM the next day and join in line showing your previous day’s token (leftover tokens of the previous day are given preference than the newcomers and will be made to stand in front of the line).

Step4: Form Submission at Police Station
After getting MOFA attestation of your Letter of Endorsement, visit the Police Station as per the city you live in, as per following address;
- Jeddah – Police Station behind Islamic Development Bank
- Riyadh – Police Station at Deera, near Court
- Dammam – Police Station opposite Governor house

Required Attachments:
- Original Letter of Endorsement with MOFA attestation
- Original Iqama
- Iqama photocopy
- Passport photocopy

Reach by 9:30 AM, arrange documents in order, you may/may not be made to give fingerprints scan. You will be issued a token slip and will be told to come back for collection at the said date (usually takes 10 working days).

Tip: If you are in hurry to get the PCC and cannot wait for 10 working days, having a genuine reason (Final Exit issued in Absher, booked flight, etc) request at the submission counter and they will allow you to meet higher designated Police Officer, explain him your reason (showing supporting document) and he may instruct your certificate to be issued the next day.

Step5: Translation Arabic to English of Police Clearance Certificate, The PCC will be issued in the Arabic language, follow Step2 and get your PCC translated into the English language. See I told you Twice I got it done, here is the Second time for!

Step6: Attestation on Police Clearance Certificate from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), This is the Final Step before your Police Clearance Certificate will be made fully authentic. The PCC Certificate issued from Police Station needs to be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, follow Step3 and get it attested. Don’t forget to make use of the ‘Tip’ written in Step3.

Total Amount to get PCC:
- Letter of Endorsement = SR.116 (If Indian, SR.100 in general)
- Translation from English to Arabic = SR.30
- MOFA = SR.40 (30+10)
- Translation from Arabic to English = SR.30
- MOFA = SR.40
TOTAL = SR.256/-

Please note the Police Clearance Certificate once issued will be valid for a period of 3 Months, so make sure you utilize it before it becomes invalid.

When you visit your respective Embassy for taking Letter of Endorsement, confirm with them for the validity of PCC & procedure of extension.

I (Mukhtar Uddin Khan) have written this step-by-step procedure of obtaining Police Clearance Certificate in a bid to help my fellow Expat friends, wishing you all, the very best in your future endeavors and please do remember me in your prayers. Peace! Oh by the way, if this post was of help to you or you know any of your friends and family who are willing to obtain Police Clearance Certificate, do pass it on to them I’m sure you know about the sharing buttons here below!

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