Posted by : Aahil Shaik Oct 16, 2017


The Ministry of Labor and Social Development is preparing to implement the third phase of the feminization of women's clothing stores from Saturday (1/2/1439). Most Viewed : Women to penalize if drive before June 2018

The ministry's spokesman Khaled Aba Al-Khail said that the targeted activities to be settled in the third phase are the sale of women's perfumes, shoes, bags, women's socks, ready-made women's clothing, kiosks that sell women's supplies, shop sections that sell ready-made women's clothing. Recommend : Shops under Saudi feminization

He added that among the targeted activities are small stand-alone shops that sell bridesmaids, women's gowns, accessories, women's gables and maternity care, and pharmacies in the malls, which sell accessories and cosmetics.

The Spokesman pointed out that the Ministry has established requirements for the special environment in which women work in malls, whether they are closed or open, or self-contained or multi-sectional. Trending : Women to run Taxis in Saudi

Women's place of work must be in a place characterized by privacy and autonomy, And if the establishment receives the public, a security guard or a security system must be assigned to the women's section.

The employer must provide the workers with a place to rest, pray and toilets. If the shop is dedicated to selling women's and non-women's supplies in multiple departments, the number of female workers in the single shift should not be less than three workers. Related : Bride demands car in marriage contract

The other sections are connected with barriers and the employment of women and men in one department is prohibited. It also prohibits the presence of male workers in women's departments or vice versa.


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