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Procedure & Conditions To Issue Final Exit Visa for Family Members or Dependents

Issuing final exit visa for an expat or an employee is only under the hands of sponsor, How ever you can issue final exit visa to your dependents or family members as you are the sponsor to your family members or dependents. The below procedure will guide you how to issue final exit visa online through MOI portal. Recommend : Things to do before final exit visa

- Before you process final exit visa for your family members you need to pay their dependent fee up to the departure date, As final exit visa has a validity of 60 days from the applied date, You need to pay dependent fee up to that 60 days. Most Viewed : Dependent fee on final exit visa

- You can also cancel the issued final exit visa before the visa validity expire without any fine or penalty. After final exit you should submit iqama to jawazat with in 30 days from the date of expiry date. Related : Return iqama with in 30 days after final exit

- To apply final exit visa for your dependents online you should have MOI Absher account, If you do not have Absher account till now, You can create now in easy process by following this article "Register for MOI Abser Service".

Procedure to apply final exit visa for dependents :

1. Login to your Absher account, Click on "E-Services", Then from left hand side select "Passports" and then choose "Dependent Services".

Issue Final Exit Visa to Family in Saudi Arabia

2. In the next page you will see your all dependent details, click on "Next", Now you need to choose the dependent to whom you need to issue final exit visa, At the last you will see a button of "Issue Final Visa".

Issue Final Exit Visa to Family in Saudi Arabia

3. Once you click "Issue Final Visa", A new page will appear with the name of dependent, Iqama number and Passport number, In this page you should read all the terms and have to agree with it, then click "OK".

Issue Final Exit Visa to Family in Saudi Arabia

4. The next page will show you dependent details and here also you should agree with the terms and then click on the button "Issue Final Exit".
Issue Final Exit Visa to Family in Saudi Arabia

5. Now it will display you a message on the top "The Final exit visa is successfully issued and sent to passport department systems, There is no need to print the visa to be shown at the immigration, Iqama is under the sponsor's responsibility it should be collected".

- Note : Now iqama's should be submitted to Jawazat with in 30 days after the applicant final exit from Saudi Arabia. See Also : Activate MOI absher service

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