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Calculate the end of service benefits as per Saudi Labor Law by selecting the appropriate contract type,  appropriate reason for ending the contract with the company and the number of years, months and days worked in the company. Based on your provided information this calculator results your eligibility for end of service award in Saudi Riyals. 

- End of Service Benefits (ESB) is an Employee's right, The employer should pay it in case of termination of the worker's employment contract. It is must for a company or employer to pay the employee at the end of contract of the employment, whether it is fixed term or indefinite.

- The easiest way to calculate end of service award is the maturity date of the reward, To calculate it as per the rules and regulations of Saudi Labor Law.

Procedure to Calculate ESB of a Worker using Labor Ministry ESB Calculator :

1. Select type of contract, Whether "Indefinite" of "Fixed Time".

2. Select the reason of End of Service, Based on your selection the amount differs, Here are the categorized reasons

* The contract period has Expired or Both parties have agreed to End the Contract

* Termination of the Contract from Employer

* Cancellation of the contract by the Employer for one of the cases mentioned in Article (80)

* Left work as a result of Fore Mejeure

* The worker terminates the contract within 6 months of marriage or 3 months of delivery

* The worker left work for one of the cases mentioned in Article (81)

- Cancellation of the contract by the worker or worker leaving work other than cases mentioned in Article (81)

3. Enter the Current Salary

4. Enter the number of Years, Months and Days worked with the current employer.

5. Click on "=" Button to Calculate and "C" button to reset.

- Use all the above mentioned in Ministry of Labor's website ESB Calculator of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Labor Law ESB Calculator -

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