Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Dr. Zakir Naik Saudi Citizenship is a big rumor and false news, He is a NRI and he only have residence permit of Saudi Arabia as of now, This rumor was spread by one news channel and then all the media people copied it from one another without reaching or inquiring the fact. Trending : King Salman presented highest civilian honor to Trump

Dr. Zakir Naik himself denied this report and said it is false news, unless Allah wills. This is not the first time he became a victim of media false news and rumors. Recommend : King Salman gets award for Service to Islam

- A picture of Zakir Naik with King Salman is roaming around the media like a fire with the false news of Zakir Naik got Saudi Citizenship, That picture was taken when he honored with King Faisal International Prize (award) for "Service to Islam".

- Dr. Zakir Naik(Indian) is a famous Islamic preacher in young generation, He has 16 million Facebook followers, 150,000 followers on Twitter from all over the world, moreover he has given more than 4000 lectures in various countries, His lectures video crossed millions of views. Related : King Salman gifts tons of dates to Bangladesh and Algeria

- Dr. Zakir Naik is not a small name for media, As he is an inspiration of young generation, Media knows how to play with such a big name in order to get his huge fans attention on their news channels and reports.

- Naik is wanted in India now, As Bangladesh said one of the gunmen who terror attacked on a cafe (which took 22 lives) said he is inspired with Zakir Naik speeches, Naik replied media with "Killing Innocent Beings is the 2nd Major Sin in Islam". Similar : King Salman 100 million humanitarian aid

- Dr. Zakir has residence permit of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, He also got Malaysian citizenship. Last month India approached the Interpol to issue a 'Red Corner Notice' against him, Red Corner Notice will permit to arrest him by any law enforcing agency.


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