Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, March 26, 2017

Heavy Penalties on Illegal Expats after Amnesty period 

Illegal expatriates who failed to leave Saudi Arabia in the 120 days of amnesty period will face heavy penalties ranging in between 10,000 Saudi Riyals to 50,000 Saudi Arabian Riyals including 6 months jail term as per the statement of Passport Department head. Trending : Amnesty period for illegals in Saudi Arabia 2017

-  For the first time independent expat will face penalty of SR 10,000 including deportation, For the second violation the penalty will be SR 25,000 including a jail for one month and a deportation, For the third time violation the penalty will be SR 50,000 including 6 months jail term and a deportation.

- The chance of four months amnesty period has ended and will not not come again and again, Illegal expatriates and violators who took advantage of it before July 24 are the lucky, As their illegal status is rectified and cleared heavy penalties on them. Related : Nation free of violators campaign

- Violators fingerprints did not be recorded in the amnesty period, so that they can comeback to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia again in the legal status. From now the violators fingerprints will be recorded in Jawazat, so that they can ban violators from re entering into Saudi Arabia.

- This "Nation free of violators" campaign, which was started from March 29 (Wednesday) allowed expatriates who overstayed on Visit Visas, Transit Visas, Hajj Visas, Umrah Visas and those ones who entered KSA in a illegal way. Recommend : Investors can become self sponsors

- Undocumented illegal expatriates, Work visa violators with Iqama expiry and run away expats who are reported as huroob  also got benefited in this period, Most of the Embassies and consulates helped their illegal people, So that they can go home by following the simple procedure. Similar : Raids on illegal businesses in Riyadh

- As per the statistics of General Authority, There are 12 million expatriates are living in Saudi Arabia out of 32 million population and about 600,000 illegal expats benefited from the 4 months amnesty period. You May Like : Firms notices to Expats in KSA


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