Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, October 20, 2016


Before initiating the process of transferring car ownership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is important to mention both seller and buyer should clear traffic violation fines or penalties, otherwise you may face difficulties at the time of transferring your vehicle.

Procedure for transferring car ownership in Saudi Arabia

1. Fee for transferring car ownership in Saudi Arabia is SR 400 and the insurance of vehicle according to your plan. Recommend : Rumors roaming around internet about Social Media

2. Vehicle buyer should visit muroor office in haraj along with the current car owner or seller for starting the process of vehicle transfer.

3. Present your driving license, original iqama and vehicle registration card (Istimara) for a quick check. Similar : How to apply Driving License in KSA

4. Within few minutes you and seller will receive a message from Ministry Of Interior (MOI) stating "Vehicle has been transfered on your name" and "Vehicle has been transferred from his name".

5. They will keep vehicle registration card or istimara of the seller and will give you a detailed print of car registration number. Related : New penalties for traffic violations in Kingdom

6. Now you need to go to Maroor office in the city with the printed paper for getting your vehicle registration card or istimara.

- You can skip all the above procedure by visiting any private offices. Here you need to pay SR 550 instead of SR 400 for transferring your car and the insurance fee will be different amount. See Also : New fines in Saudi Arabia for traffic violations

- Sometimes you may ask to leave your car till it registered on your name. In this process the buyer and seller will get a message of transferring vehicle on next day. Read this : Companies violation penalties in Saudi


- Once the message received, You can visit the same office and collect your vehicle registration card along with your car, if you left it there.

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