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Official websites and phone numbers of all the available ministries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including Ministry Of Higher Education, Ministry of Information, Ministry Of Education, Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Ministry Of Justice, Ministry Of Interior, Ministry Of Labor, Ministry Of Health, etc,. Recommended : Saudi Arabia Consulates and Embassies

1. Ministry Of Interior (MOI)
PO Box : 11134
King Fahad Road, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12611
Riyadh Tel: 011 4011111
Jeddah (Minister's Office) : 012 6684000

2. Ministry Of Labour (MOL)
King Abdul Aziz Road, Al Mursalat, Riyadh 12461
Open 24 hours except Friday and Saturday
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3. Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
PO Box : 55937 Riyadh 11544
Riyadh Tel: 011 4055000 / 4067777
Jeddah : 012 6690900
Dammam : 013 8683310

4. Ministry Of Commerce and Industry
Riyadh 11162
Working hours 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM (Sunday to Thursday)
Call center : 1900
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5. Ministry Of Hajj

6. Ministry Of Transportation (MOT)

7. Ministry Of Social Affairs (MOSA)
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8. Ministry of Economy and Planning

9. Ministry of Civil Service (MCS)

10. Ministry of Housing

11. Ministry of Commmunications and Information (MCIT)

12. Ministry Of Water and Electricity (MOWE)

13. Ministry Of Agriculture (MOA)

14. Ministry Of Education (MOE)
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15. Ministry Of Petroleum and Mineral wealth (MOPM)

16. Ministry of culture and media

17. Ministry Of Health (MOH)


18. Ministry Of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA)

19. Ministry Of Defence and Aviation (MODA)

20. Ministry Of Islamic Affairs, endowments, call and guidance (MOIA)

21. Ministry Of Justice (MOJ)

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