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I would like to share my recent experience (from Riyadh Passports Head Office - King Fahad Road) on Iqama issuance of my newly KSA borned baby, I hope many are searching for the same through blogs. I received the Birth Certificate from Al Ahwal Madani on 18/07/2016 and I shared the same experience through this blog here "Experience on Birth Certificate". After the Birth Certificate I made Passport for my baby and I thought everything was over, But its not. These whole experience was presented by Mr. Nandu.

Normally Baby Iqama's are issued by Company HR or Moqib of the respective companies. So I contacted our Moqib and when our Moqib went for Jawazath they refused the application. They informed that, this work must be done by the Sponsor of the Baby, that too via online appointment (This new policy is active in Riyadh only at this moment). I tried online via Absher to make the appointment. I tried 3 Days continuously and I couldn’t make it. Recommended : Birth Certificate Appointment Online

- I thought that the system has stopped issuing appointments and I read same complaints everywhere in the Internet. Our HR gone Jawazath directly and reported this issue. They informed him that “Try until you get the Appointment”. The next day also I started trying and with the blessings of God finally on 02/08/2016, I was able to book the appointment. The appointment date was 09/08/2016 11AM (Today). Similar : Add New Born Baby Under your Iqama

Today Morning 6.45AM, I reached the Jawazath Head office which is located in King Fahad Branch Road. I went to the Counter near the car parking. By 7.30AM Staffs arrived and they issued tokens to everyone those who hold appointment irrespective of the appointment time. NOTE: I had seen many people without Appointments are also present and some lucky guys with solid reason got the service done without appointment. See Also : Dependent Iqama Procedure

As per the token I was guided to a counter and an officer in Uniform was in charge. Read this : Online Dependent Exit Re Entry Visa

Documents required by them
- Duly Filled Iqama issue form with Company seal (2 color photos of baby must pinned in it)
- Birth Certificate of Baby in Original and 1 copy of it.
- Baby Passport in Original and 1 copy of it.
- Copy of your Iqamas(Your+Wife)(Keep original)


The counter staff issued Iqama with in 2 minutes. The same time dependant list in Absher got updated and everything is over. Hope this experience may helpful for anyone in this situation.

Thanks and Regards
Eng Nandu Naroth Thazhath

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