Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, July 15, 2016

Penalties for Companies violation in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

As per the rules and regulations announced by Ministry Of Labor last year in Saudi Arabia, Companies or firms will penalize, If the organization violate any of the rule of Saudi Labor Law, The penalty will charge the company with certain amount or canceling the license of the company, Few of the violation fines are mentioned below.

- Falsely claiming the employment of Saudi citizens or employing an expatriate for the position reserved for Saudi will be penalize with SR 25000/- including close of company for 5 days. Recommended : Fine for keeping Employees passport

- If a company does not provide a training for 12% Saudi employees or depriving employees to get recommendation letters. Employing minors in the firm or violating health and safety standards will penalize a company with SR 25000/-. Related : Probation period as per Saudi Labor Law

- Selling working visa to expatriate employees will fine a company with 50000 Saudi Riyal, Hiring an expat without license will be penalize with SR 45000/-. Similar : Mandatory Exam for New Engineers for Iqama

- Employing Men on the designations reserved for Women will fine the organization with SR 10000/- for each male employee. In the same way employing women in mixed areas of men and women and allowing them to work in banned working hours will fine the firm with SR 10000/- and SR 5000/- See Also : New Amendments in Saudi Labor Law

- Providing false information on businesses will fine business owners with SR 25000/- and disturbing Labor Ministry investigation officers will charge them with SR 10000/-. You May Like : Working Hours Under Saudi Labor Law

- Committing the same violation again will double the fine, Within a month company should pay fine, In case of failed, it will be treated as repetition of violation. Firms can appeal with sixty days after the violation registered.

Violation Fines for Companies in Saudi Arabia

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