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Ramadan in Saudi Arabia in the year 2019

Alhamdulillah! Holy Ramadan (A month of blessing) started on  6th May for this year 2019 (1440) in Saudi Arabia, It is the 9th month of Arabic or Hijri calendar. Its a  period of fasting, Self control and Sadaqa (Giving Charity) for worldwide Muslims. Fasting during this month is one in 5 pillars of Islam. Holy Quran was revealed in the month of Ramzan month.


As Saudi Arabia is a pure Islamic country, Here Ramadan is little different on rules and regulations from other countries, specially for Non Muslims living in the Kingdom. If you are new Saudi expatriate you must read it, Old expatriates may already aware of it. Read Also : Working Hours in Saudi As Per Labor Law

- Working hours in the month of Ramadan for Muslims in Saudi Arabia should not exceed 6 hours in a single day or 36 hours in a week for both private and government sectors. Almost all companies will grant same hours to non Muslims too. Similar Article : Vacations and holidays as per Saudi Labor Law

- It is prohibited to eat and drink in public on fasting time from sunrise to sunset in the month of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia. Related Article : Public holidays in Saudi Arabia for the year 2017

- It is mandatory to respect fasting of Muslims in Ramzan, This point is specially applicable for Non Muslims of Saudi Arabia. See Also : Death of Non Muslims in Saudi Arabia

- Smoking and chewing gum is not allowed in public during fasting time, specially from sunrise to sunset.

- Non Muslims should plan their breakfast and lunch at home, Instead of offices, work places or public places.

- Most of the restaurants will be closed during day time and should plan to open just before sunset or after Magrib prayer.

- In the month of holy Ramadan, timings of Banks, Remittance centers, Shopping Malls and businesses will be changed. You May Like it : How to Send Money to Home country in Saudi Arabia


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