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Many travel agencies in Saudi Arabia are operating services of Umrah from Riyadh by bus. These Umrah services are separated in two packages, First Umrah package is Riyadh to Madinah then Madina to Makkah at last Makkah to Riyadh. The second Umrah package is without Madina, It is direct Riyadh to Makkah and then Makkah to Madina. 

These packages are on weekends from Haara, While From Batha (Old Saptco Stand) you will find on weekends as well as on weekdays. To book the tickets you need to go one of travel operator offices, which is usually in Haara or Batha. Once you booked the tickets they will tell you the bus departure time. Recommended : Umrah on Visit Visa

- Generally, For Madina and Makkah umrah package the timing will be after Asar (4 PM) from Haara and after Magrib or Isha (7 to 8 PM) from batha.

- The cost of this package will be above 100 Saudi Riyal. If you need hotel to stay in Makkah you can book with them at the time of booking your ticket on low cost. Related Article : Hajj without tasreeh

- For direct Riyadh to Makkah Umrah package you must visit Batha, The buses will start departure from 3 PM on both weekends as well as on weekdays.

- These Umrah packages are based on 3 to 5 days, Depending on the day you are traveling. Similar Article : Check Hajj Eligibility

- These both Umrah packages will stop their buses on the way to perfom Salah (prayer), Lunch or dinner etc,. Read Also : SAPTCO Bus Services

- At Taif, These buses will be stopped at Meeqat for bath, From where you start your Umrah pilgrimage.

- After one hour of Meeqat, You will be reached in Makkah, Where your bus driver will ask you to meet on some day to travel back to Riyadh after completion your Umrah pilgrimage. You May Like It : Hajj for Iqama Holders

Beside Buses, You can also find Taxi's in Batha, Riyadh. Which is only one way, They will drop you at Makkah on charging 100 Saudi Riyal.


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