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24 hours jail and suspension of license for traveling over 160km per hour on nation's road A fine of minimum 150 Saudi Riyals for using cell phone while driving on Saudi Arabia roads as per the recent announcement of The Interior Ministry of KSA. Trending : No Jail for the violations of using mobile and seat belt

According to the Arab News, 60 people were already penalized with this violation in the last month as per the head of commission announcement on a radio program. For speedsters there would be a severe penalty, No one is allowed for overturning the commissions rule including Ministry's Public Security division head. Related Article : Check Iqama Traffic Violations

As per the statement of Al-Luhaidan, Commission may issue rules on Seventy Three traffic violations. In which Eleven offenses can result in imprisonment affecting safety of public which includes running on red light, Influence driving, Wrong side driving, Stunt driving and unclear number plates of vehicle. Similar : Eating while Driving in Saudi

If a driver found speeding the vehicle, He may get three text messages from the traffic police and then he will be asked to visit traffic office on the mentioned date and time. In case of failed to visit, his all traffic services will be suspended and a penalty will be imposed on him. Also See : Renew Driving License Online

Services of countless drivers who crossed a speed of 160km per hour are already suspended and asked them to appear to police for further action. A new mechanism "blocking" is applicable for high speed drivers, In which they are not allowed to pay a fine online or through ATM they must appear in person. Recommended :  Apply for Driving License
Using Cell Phone While Driving in Saudi Arabia

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