Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Last week Philippine Embassy in Riyadh issued an advisory notification to all the Filipinos living in Saudi Arabia about the current situation in kingdom amid reports of imminent war.

The advisory of Embassy dated Feb 24, 2016 as follows "Philippine Embassy in Riyadh advises the Filipino community to remain calm. "There is currently no reason to be concerned about the safety and security of filipinos in Saudi Arabia. The Embassy shall provide regular updates on the situation in Saudi Arabia as the need arises". Similar Article: Saudi Embassies Around the World

The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh asking all Filipinos living in Saudi Arabia and Yemen to register with Embassy through its website by entering Name, Occupation, Birth Date, Address in Saudi Arabia or Yemen, Passport Number, Passport Issue Date and Expiry Date, Region and City, Contact Details including Phone and Email, Employer Name, Contact Number, Relative Name, Email and Mobile Number in Philippines. It is important for all Filipinos to register as the embassy will contact you regarding important updates, services and advisories on important matters to filipinos in Saudi Arabia. For registering follow this link "Registration for Filipinos living in KSA".

There are many rumors of "World War 3" around social media networks and all over the internet. Families of expatriates are worried as the false warnings and fake alarms rising day by day. Related Article : Death Compensation in KSA

It was published in many news articles that Saudi Arabia and Turkey with 20 other Arab countries are preparing their armed forces for invasion in Syria. Recommended : Emergency Numbers
Philippine Embassy Alerting Filipinos in Saudi Arabia

It was also in news that 350,000 soldiers, 20,000 tanks, 2450 warplanes and 460 military helicopters have been deployed in northern Saudi for a military drill named "Northern Thunder". You may also like : Claim Death Compensation

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