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Biometric FingerPrint must for 6 Years & above Children of Expats

The Passport Department in Saudi Arabia has implemented a must rule on Biometric Fingerprint enrollment for expatriates who are living with their families in the Kingdom. Those who failed to register their fingerprints, the services will be suspended for them and their dependents.

Saudi Expatriates families whose children are of age 6 years or above 6 years, Must enroll their children biometric finger prints in Passport Department urgently. Failing in registering finger prints of their children will result in stop the services related to that expatriate family. Recommended : Family Iqama Procedure

Earlier it was mandatory for the expatriate children whose age is above 15, Now it made mandatory for six years old or above six years old children. It was an announcement from passport department of Saudi Arabia . Recommended : Fingerprint Enrollment Status

- Expatriates can visit any of Passport Department for registration of their children finger prints. You can also visit nearest Self Service registration stations and activation machines at your place.

Riyadh Passports – King Fahd Road
Riyadh Passports – Flamingo Mall
Riyadh Civil Affairs – Washem Branch
Riyadh Civil Affairs – Morouj Branch
Riyadh Civil Affairs – Royal Mall Branch
Riyadh Civil Affairs – Royal Mall Branch Women Section
Riyadh-Nasriyah Traffic
Riyadh-Al-Sharg Traffic
Riyadh-Rawdah Traffic

Riyadh Region Governorate
MOL – Mursalat District
Chamber of Commerce – Dabab Road
STC – King Fahd Road Branch
STC – Al-Sewaidi Branch
King Khalid International Airport
Dove Plaza - Om Al Hamam, King Khalid Road
Riyadh Mall, 1st floor - Rawdah District
Dallah Hospital – Emergency Gate (4)
Al Remal Passports – Dammam Road
Riyadh International Book Fair

Deri’yyah Passports - Deri’yyah Civil Affairs

Kharj Passports - Kharj Civil Affairs

Hutat-bani-Tameem - Hutat-bani-Tameem Passports

Dawadmi - Dawadmi Passports

Al Zulfi - Al Zulfi Passports

Aflaj - Aflaj Passports

Al Majma'a - Al Majma'a Passports

Muzahmiyah - Muzahmiyah Passports

Quwaiyia - Quwaiyia Passports

Al Laith - Al Laith Traffic

Jeddah Passports – Kundara Branch
Jeddah Passports – Rehab Branch
Jeddah Passports – Tahliya Markets
Jeddah Passports – Sairafi Mall
Jeddah Civil Affairs – Al Andalos Markets

Jeddah Civil Affairs
Jeddah Civil Affairs – Jawad Center
Jeddah Civil Affairs – Jawad Center (Women)
Jeddah Sahafa Traffic
King Abdulaziz International Airport
Chamber of Commerce – Main Office
Al-Arab Mall – 2nd Floor
Aziz Mall – 1st Floor
Red Sea Mall – Gate No. 5
Stars Avenue Mall – King Abdulaziz Road, Gate C

Makkah Passports
Makkah Civil Affairs
Al-Awali Traffic
Makkah Region Governorate
Deyafa Mall – Main Gate
Makkah Mall – Gate 5

Qunfudah Passports

Tayef Passports
Tayef Civil Affairs

Madinah Passports
Madinah Region Governorate
Madinah Principality
Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport

Yanbu Passports

Dammam Passports
Dammam Civil Affairs
Dammam Civil Affairs – Al-Shati Mall
Dammam Civil Affairs – Al-Shati Mall (Women)
Western Dammam Traffic
Eastern Region Governorate
Dammam-King Fahd International Airport
STC – Al-Shati Branch
Chamber of Commerce – Main Office
Darain Mall – 1st floor

Khobar Passport
Khobar Civil Affairs

Jubail Passports
Jubail Civil Affairs
Hyper Panda

Hafr-Al-Batin Passports

Buraydah Passports
Buraydah Civil Affairs – Othaim Mall Branch
Qaseem Traffic Department – Al-Safaa District

Qaseem Region Governorate
Onaizah Passports

Hayel Passports
Hayel Region Governorate

Hafuf Passports
Hafuf Civil Affairs

Abha Passports
Abha Civil Affairs

Aseer Region Governorate

Bisha Passports
Baha Passports
Baha Region Governorate

Tabouk Passports
Tabouk Civil Affairs
Tabouk Region Governorate

Qurayyat Civil Affairs

Jazan Passports
Jazan Civil Affairs
Jazan Region Governorate

Najran Passports
Najran Civil Affairs

Jouf Region Governorate


Northern Border Region Governorate

Biometric fingerprint was started first in November 2014 for women, who are going on exit re entry visa's then it became compulsory for women and children above 15 in the beginning of January 2015 and now it is must for 6 years and above kids. Recommended : Family Exit Re Entry Visa

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