Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, June 29, 2015


According to Arab News, A source from The Directorate General of Passports informed that Family visit visa's for Saudi Expatriates (All countries) will issue continuously throughout the year. Even in Ramadan, Hajj and holidays.

Renewing or extending Saudi expats family visit visas is also continue to service throughout the whole year same as issuing family visit visas. Renewal and extensions of visit visas is possible through Abshir electronic system for all nationalities. But the condition is Family visit visa is limited to only 6 months in Saudi Arabia. It is not possible to renew or extend visit visa once six months finished. Dependents should leave Saudi Arabia and can come back in new visa.


If family visit visa is issued for 1 month, Then expats can renew it every month till six months, If your family visit visa is issued for 3 months then you can renew it one more time (3 months) through  MOI online Abshir service.

An amount of SR 15000/- will be fined followed by deportation for the first time, if a visitor overstays in his visa. If same visitor repeated the violation, A fine of SR 25000/- will be fined with 3 months Jail followed by deportation. A fine will be doubled to SR 50000/- with 6 month Jail and deportation in case of third violation.

However it is not clear that from when issuing family visit visa's will continue throughout the year, As many expats are getting still the same message "نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد بعد موسم الحج" that is "We hope to issue a new request application after the Hajj season", while applying for family visit visa. However our blog reader Eide Hillal informed that, He extended his family visit visa even on holiday (Saturday) through online Abshir service.

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