Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a second home for 10.4 million expatriates (Earlier in 2015, 9.2 million expatriates), of which 42% are working in both public and private sectors. Nearly 86% of foreign workers in Saudi Arabia has a monthly salary of less than 2000/- Saudi riyals. According to a study conducted by International Al-Jazeera Academy and Saudi Department of Statistics and Information.

Saudi Arabia is on 3rd rank for having largest population of foreigners with 10.4 million expatriates. While United States at top 1st with 45.8 million expatriates, Then Russia at 2nd place with 11 million foreigners, Germany at 4th with 9.8 millions and United Arab Emirates at 5th with 7.8 million foreigners.


As per Central Department of Statistics & Information, In the starring year of 2016, KSA has a population of 31.52 million, while In the year end of 2014, KSA was seen a population of 30.8 million. Out of this 10.4 million are Saudi expatriates earlier it was 9.2 million that is nearly 33%, 75 percent of expatriates are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt and Philippines. In the next 25% we have expatriates from Yemen, Indonesia, Sudan and other countries.

- According to world bank, Saudi Arabia became second largest country for sending remittances to other countries after United States, Saudi Arabia sent 42 billion dollars as remittances last year.

Saudi Arabia is now provided most of the services online for expats of which most accessing services are applying for online Permanent family visa, applying for online family visit visa and extending family visit visa.
Expatriates population in Saudi Arabia

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