Dependent Fee is exempt for the following :

1. Expatriates who are working in government sector are exempt from the dependent fee, Yes its true, we check with some employees of the public sector who have dependents, their bank shows zero amount as dependent fee, The General Directorate of Passports also confirmed that government sector expatriates are exempt from this fee. Related : Dependent fee on newborn Children

2.  If the dependent have one Saudi Citizen Parent (Mother or Father), Then for those dependents the fee is exempted.

3. A widow or the divorced woman of a Saudi Citizen. They are exempted from the dependent fee. Recommended : Companies are in action after dependent fee

4. Wife or Wives of Saudi citizens are also exempted from the family tax or dependent fee.

5. Expatriates dependents who are living in Saudi Arabia and did not travel to any other country for more than 40 years are also listed in the dependent fee exempted category. New : Top Companies in Saudi Arabia

6. The last and final one is students, Foreign students who are currently studying in Saudi Arabia

7. Those who left Saudi Arabia on exit re entry or final exit and never returned back to Kingdom are also exempted from the dependent fee.

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