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In order to validate any kind of document from any company in Saudi Arabia, It is mandatory to attest it in Chamber Of Commerce (COC) from the city where the company is registered, Then only it is authenticated.

Educational or degree Certificate Attestation for Saudi Arabia :

For educational or degree certificate attestation in Saudi Embassy of your home country, It is mandatory to provide an original document of company offer letter or contract form or appointment letter attested from Chamber Of Commerce and Ministry Of Foreign Affaris (MOFA). Recommended : Degree Certificate Attestation for Saudi Arabia

Chamber Of Commerce and Mofa Attestation Procedure

Chamber Of Commerce Attestation Procedure:

In Chamber Of Commerce (COC), You can attest any kind of Saudi document from your company, whether it is offer letter, Appointment letter, Contract Form, Request for opening bank account, etc,. Similar : Saudi Arabia Embassy in India

- Visit Chamber Of Commerce office in the city where your company is registered. Take Token if available otherwise follow the queue towards counter.

- On your turn, Present your document, He will verify the signature of the document with your company officials signature available in Chamber Of Commerce database. You may also like : Mofa KSA Family Visa

- Once he verifies the signature, He will ask you to pay the fee of SR 25/- per document. Then he will stick printed Chamber of commerce stamp and will sign on it. Otherwise he will keep your document and provide you a printed receipt.

- Thats it, This Chamber of commerce attestation is valid for 6 months, With in six months you can utilize this document, Other wise you need to follow the whole procedure again with different document. Read This : KSA Visa Status Online

Chamber Of Commerce Attestation in Saudi Arabia

- Government or public sector companies like Saudia Airlines, ARAMCO, SABIC etc,. Need not to certify document from the chamber of commerce.

Mofa Attestation Procedure :

Mofa attestation procedure is simple and easy, You can visit nearest MOFA office, Few of MOFA offices are near to chamber of commerce offices.

- Taken token if available otherwise follow the queue to the counter. Trending : Company Status in Saudi Arabia

- Once you visited counter, Present your document, As you already attested from Chamber Of Commerce, He will just stick MOFA stamp and ask you to pay the fee of MOFA stamp SR 30/- for one document. Thats it, now you completed MOFA attestation of Saudi .



It is very useful for the new expatriate to know his rights under latest Saudi Labor Law being in a probation period.  This article will provide you knowledge about probation period of an employee which is mentioned in the Article 53 and Article 54 of latest Saudi Labor Law.

Every country has its own labor law which will guide both the parties 'Employer' and 'Employee' to stick on it in any hard situations.

Article 53 in Latest Saudi Labor Law :

- If an employee is subject to a probation period, the fact should be explicitly state and mention clearly with in the employment contract, Such probation period should not exceed 90 days. You May Also Like : Vacations and Leaves under Saudi Labor Law

- In case of both parties agrees in a document, The 90 days probation period can be extendable for another 90 days a total of 180 Days (As per 38 Amendments of Labor Law updated on 2015) exclusive of sick leaves and Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Fitr holidays.

- Each party shall have the right to terminate the contract during this probation period, unless the contract include a clause giving the right to terminate the contract to only one of them. Recommended : Public Holidays of 2016 in Saudi Arabia

Article 54 in Latest Saudi Labor Law:

- An employee should not be placed on probation period more than once by the same employer. Similar Article : Working Hours under Latest Saudi Labor Law

- As an exception to the above rule, An employee may, however, and with the approval of the contract parties, be subjected to another probation period of not more than 90 days on the condition that this period is for another work or profession.

- If the contract is terminated during the probation, neither party shall be entitled to compensation nor shall an employee be entitled to End of service award. Recommended : End of Service Benefits Award

- As per amended labor law, An employee can be placed on additional probation period with both parties agreed on a document, If the relationship between both the parties has expired for a period of 6 or more months. Read this also : Overtime under Saudi Labor Law

Probation Period Under Latest Saudi Labor Law



The General Directorate of traffic has alerted with a circular to all its traffic departments in Saudi Arabia mentioning small expatriate families will be no longer allowed to own a big vehicles of 7 or more seater (A vehicle with seven or more seats).

The above order is only applicable for those residents or expatriates whose family is of less than five members. Residents with above five or more members are excluded form this order but they have to provide the proof for it and have to assure the authorities that they will not transport passengers illegally.

The Reason behind this circular is simple, They want to stop those big vehicles who are transporting passengers or school students illegally without a legal permission. This was the statement from Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

It has been seen some residents or expatriates are using their vehicles as taxi to transport the school students or passengers by using such big vehicles.

Registrations and ownership of big vehicles with a seat of seven or more members will be rejected based on the above conditions. The above news was reported in local media and Arab news.

No Big Vehicle For Small Expatriates Family



24 hours jail and suspension of license for traveling over 160km per hour on nation's road for using cell phone while driving as per the recent announcement of The Interior Ministry of KSA. Trending : Eating while driving in Saudi Arabia

According to the Arab News, 60 people were already penalized with this violation in the last month as per the head of commission announcement on a radio program. For speedsters there would be a severe penalty, No one is allowed for overturning the commissions rule including Ministry's Public Security division head. Related Article : Check Iqama Traffic Violations

As per the statement of Al-Luhaidan, Commission may issue rules on Seventy Three traffic violations. In which Eleven offenses can result in imprisonment affecting safety of public which includes running on red light, Influence driving, Wrong side driving, Stunt driving and unclear number plates of vehicle. Similar : Eating while Driving in Saudi

If a driver found speeding the vehicle, He may get three text messages from the traffic police and then he will be asked to visit traffic office on the mentioned date and time. In case of failed to visit, his all traffic services will be suspended and a penalty will be imposed on him. Also See : Renew Driving License Online

Services of countless drivers who crossed a speed of 160km per hour are already suspended and asked them to appear to police for further action. A new mechanism "blocking" is applicable for high speed drivers, In which they are not allowed to pay a fine online or through ATM they must appear in person. Recommended :  Apply for Driving License
Using Cell Phone While Driving in Saudi Arabia

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