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Saudi Arabia bans Tattoos, Tanning at Barbershops

Barbershops in Saudi Arabia are prohibited from using tattoo, acupuncture, laser, or tanning equipment as part of the new operating guidelines established for these kinds of businesses in the kingdom. Trending : Employers with four or more domestic workers must transfer Salaries to Digital wallets

According to government draft regulations cited by the Saudi publication Okaz, these stores are prohibited from using medical gadgets that have been classified by the Ministry of Health and the Saudi Drug and Food Authority (SDFA).

- Similarly, prohibited items include pharmaceuticals and goods with an unclear origin. Operators must follow the safety guidelines that the SDFA has set.

- According to the proposal, designated seating for children must be offered if the store offers hair cutting services to kids. Males only are permitted to work.

- If a barbershop's exclusive focus is on cutting children's hair, then women are permitted to work there; males are not permitted to work there. Most Viewed : Jeddah Season 2024 to launch on June 27

- Moreover, it is against the law for these stores to provide domestic services without a specific permission from authorities.

- Customers are permitted to use their personal kits, however storing them within the business is not permitted. Additionally, hair removal is only permitted on the head and face within the shop premises. Additionally, stainless steel or other non-rusting materials must be used to make hair cutting instruments. They must be stored in hygienic, designated drawers.

- The laws developed by the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing prohibit the shop from serving as housing for workers. Read : Working direct under sun is prohibited in Saudi Arabia during this time

Saudi Arabia bans Tattoos, Tanning at Barbershops -
Saudi Arabia bans Tattoos, Tanning at Barbershops

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