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Road Cooling Initiative expands around Holy Sites for Hajj 2024

The Roads General Authority of Saudi Arabia announced that the effort to cool the asphalt surfaces of holy sites will be expanded to many locations. Trending : Saudi Interior Ministry announces the penalty for Hajj violations

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the initiative's set objectives include lowering cooling energy use, reducing temperatures in residential areas and neighborhoods, and reducing the impact of climate change.

- In public spaces where people congregate, this technology helps to create a more comfortable atmosphere.

- A 25,000 square meter area adjacent to Arafat's Namira Mosque is now part of the program. The Holy Capital Municipality, the Pilgrim Experience Program, the Quality of Life Program, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, and the Ministry of Rural Affairs and Housing are among the important entities with which the authority is collaborating to carry out the program.

- The idea behind this program, which was initially introduced last year at holy places, originates from the reality that roadways absorb up heat during the day, with temperatures occasionally surpassing 70° C. An impact called the "urban heat island effect" causes pollution and higher energy consumption since roads release this heat at night. Most Viewed : Penalty for delaying to report overstay visit visa holders

- "Cool sidewalks" were an experiment in reducing the "urban heat island effect" by using locally sourced materials that could absorb less heat from the sun. Since the experimental surface temperature is lower than that of conventional pavements, it is an excellent choice for roads near residential areas.

- As a government agency responsible for overseeing and regulating the Kingdom's road sector, the authority is conducting research and practical tests. Innovation is encouraged by these initiatives, which are in line with the sector's strategic aim.

- By the Year 2030, the road sector hopes to have improved road quality to the point that it ranks higher globally and has reduced fatalities to below five per 100,000 people. See Also : Saudi Arabia announces two new packages for Domestic pilgrims from within KSA

Road Cooling Initiative expands around Holy Sites for Hajj 2024 -
Road Cooling Initiative expands around Holy Sites for Hajj 2024

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