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A Court in Saudi Arabia sentenced an Expat for harassing a Woman

A court in Saudi Arabia fined an expatriate with 150,000 riyals and given a prison sentence of five years for harassing a woman. Trending : 50% discount on Traffic fines in Saudi Arabia comes into force

After the Public Morality wing of the Public Prosecution concluded its investigations into the expatriate's claims of harassing a lady, the case was referred to the court. The suspect was placed under custody and brought before the court. The Public Prosecution requested the court to punish him with the harshest possible sentence for the crime he committed.

- Everyone who engages in harassment will be held tightly to account criminally, as the Public Prosecution reaffirmed its keenness and resolve to safeguard society from any conduct that goes against public decency.

- The Anti-Harassment Law states that it will be enforced when someone commits the crime of harassment through any sexually suggestive statement, action, or gesture that violates another person's body, dignity, or modesty, regardless of the medium, including modern technology. Most Viewed : Procedure to correct Translated name in iqama

- In keeping with the principles of Islamic Shariah and Saudi law, this law seeks to safeguard individuals' privacy, dignity, and personal independence by punishing those who commit harassment and preventing it from happening in the first place.

- It is worth mentioning that the names of individuals imprisoned on harassment accusations have recently begun to be announced by the Saudi security officials. In their announcement of the defendant's arrest, the Makkah police finally gave the woman's complete identity, saying that the man was an Egyptian expatriate who had harassed her.

- Another Saudi national was arrested for allegedly harassing a woman, according to the Jeddah governorate police. The defendants were subjected to legal proceedings and sent to the Public Prosecution. Watch at YouTube : Saudi Arabia announces 4-Years exemption on iqama, work permit fee for displaced expats

A Court in Saudi Arabia sentenced an Expat for harassing a Woman -
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