Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Saudi Arabia announces 4-Year exemption on Government Fees for displaced Expats from neighboring countries

Saudi Arabia to bear the government fees  of those displaced from neighboring countries, to whom they granted the permission to live in the Kingdom, they can stay and correct their status in the Kingdom within four years of time. Trending : HR Ministry clarification on Salary rise and allowances

Saudi Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman chaired during Tuesday's weekly session of the Council of Ministers in Jeddah, where this historic decision was made.

- Such employees of private sector companies and establishments are exempt from paying certain fees for a period of four years beginning on the date of status correction following arrival in the Kingdom. 

- The assistance package from the Kingdom Government includes fees for their residency permits (iqamas), work permits, transfer of service fees, fees for changing professions, and other charges of private sector companies. Read : MIss Universe Organization denies of Saudi Arabia's participation this year

- Furthermore, the Saudi Government will cover all costs associated with the listed persons and their companions, including fines for past violations of the Residency Law.

- This comprehensive support is meant to make the transition easier and to reduce the suffering of those impacted, so that moving forward is less of a challenge.

- By shouldering these financial burdens, Saudi Arabia is showing that it is serious about helping displaced people. They will be able to quickly settle into the Kingdom's society and economy thanks to this program. This action demonstrates the country's commitment to helping those in need and its willingness to do so, particularly in light of recent events in the region. See Also : Expatriates remittances hit a 5-years low from KSA

Saudi Arabia to bear Government Fees of all displaced expats from neighboring countries -

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