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Saudi Arabia aims to be among Top 10 Global destinations in 2024

Saudi Arabia's national tourism policy targets over 150 million tourists by the year 2030, with the goal of making the country one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world this year. Recommend : Avoid exit re-entry visa violations fine

This comes after it received 17 million tourists last year from abroad, and provided tourism experiences for about 77 million tourists from within the Kingdom, in addition to 13.5 million visitors from different countries for Umrah, who were keen to encourage them to visit other regions during their visit to perform these rituals.

- The new goal of 150 million tourists by the Year 2030 is going to possible through a strategy developed by the Ministry of Tourism to attract the largest possible number of visitors from different countries of the world, in light of the great efforts it is making to open facilities of interest to tourists, such as Resorts, restaurants and unique tourist attractions.

- Speaking at the Manafea Forum in Madina, Saudi Arabia's Minister of Tourism, Ahmed Al-Khateeb, praised the Kingdom's progress toward its goal of having the tourism industry contribute greatly to GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Most Viewed : A viral video of a Tall man among Umrah pilgrims in Makkah

- According to Al-Khateeb, the tourism sector contributed 5% to GDP in the Year 2023 and the goal is to raise this percentage to 10% by the Year 2030.

- According to Al-Khatib, the tourist and hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia is responsible for 940,000 jobs at present, with the goal of increasing that number to one million by 2030.

- "We introduced new licenses with regard to guest facilities and hospitality, and at the Ministry of Tourism, our goal was to make the legislation regulating the tourism sector easy, flexible, and clear," he stated. Read : A security officer lifts a pilgrim to show him Holy Kaaba view

- As part of its ambitious program, the Ministry of Tourism has also announced the Investment Enablers Initiative in the hospitality sector. He discussed the Tourism Investment Enablers Programme, which has a million job opportunities by the Year 2030 and wants to enable the private sector to achieve these objectives.

- This initiative, which is a joint effort between the Ministry of Investment and the Ministry of Tourism, will work to increase the capacity of hospitality facilities to absorb tourists and diversify their offerings.

- As part of Saudi Vision 2030 plan, to diversify its tourist economy, the Kingdom is investing heavily in the hospitality and entertainment industries. See Also : Private jets, expensive cars, villas, gold sets and smartphones as prizes in Saudi Arabia's few companies

Saudi Arabia aims to be among Top 10 Global destinations in 2024 -

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