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Saudi Arabia declares March 27 of every year as Saudi Green Initiative day

Saudi Arabia has made March 27 the yearly Saudi Green Initiative Day, as a way to show its dedication to protecting the environment. This is also the date of the Saudi Green initiative launch in the year 2021. Trending : Iqama must be invalid, in order to issue or cancel final exit visa

In line with the bold Saudi Green Initiative (SGI), this day is meant to raise awareness and get people all over the Kingdom to take action for a greener future.

- With the theme "For Our Today and Their Tomorrow, KSA Together for a Greener Future," the first Saudi Green Initiative Day wants to get people from every aspect of life to work together for a greener future.

- It asks people to take an active role in environmental protection and asks them to share their promises for a Greener Saudi on social media using the phrase #ForAGreenerSaudi.

- On the Saudi Green Initiative's website, there is an information pack with a "pledge postcard" that tells people how they can help the country reach its environmental goals.

- On the first Saudi Green Initiative Day, more than 80 projects from the public and private sectors are highlighted. Together, they bring more than 705 billion riyals into the green economy. Read : Ministry of Commerce summons 6 companies for violating competition regulations

- These programs are very important for speeding up Saudi Arabia's green transition. They are in line with Saudi Vision 2030's goals to improve people's quality of life and create new business possibilities in emerging areas.

- In addition, the SGI's work has made a big difference in restoring the environment, protecting wildlife, and stopping desertification and dust storms.

- On this day, important accomplishments include connecting 2.8 GW of green energy to the national grid, which is enough to power over 520,000 homes. More projects are currently being planned and built to greatly increase this capacity.

- As part of its plan to get 50% of its fuel from renewable sources by 2030, Saudi Arabia has made this progress.

- Also, over 49 million trees and bushes were planted, and 94,000 hectares of damaged land were fixed up. This is a big step toward the goal of planting 10 billion trees across the Kingdom. See Also : Visitors and Pilgrims must aware of these things before coming to Saudi Arabia

- During MENA Climate Week in Riyadh in October 2023, a detailed plan for long-term tree planting was released. This came after a lot of research and working with experts from around the world.

- The improvement of protected land and marine places. In Saudi Arabia, 18.1% of land and 6.49% of marine environments are now protected.

- Rewilding efforts for rare species have had a lot of success. Over 1,660 animals have been released back into the wild, and seven Arabian leopard cubs were born in Taif as part of a conservation breeding program.

- Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed Bin Salman started the Saudi Green Initiative on March 27, 2021. It is a big plan to bring the Kingdom's environmental efforts together and make them better.

- SGI is an important part of Vision 2030 and shows that Saudi Arabia is serious about fighting climate change, encouraging sustainable innovation, and protecting the country's natural assets for future generations. Recommend : Procedure to follow in case of losing something in Makkah Grand Mosque

Saudi Arabia declares March 27 of every year as Saudi Green Initiative day -

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