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Indonesia's 1st Hajj 2024 flight to land in Saudi Arabia in May

The first flight this year carrying Muslims from Indonesia on their annual Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia will leave on May 12, according to a top Indonesian official. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on Instagram

Indonesian Minister of Religious Affairs Yaqut Qoumas said that the Hajj flights will leave from Indonesia starting from May 12 to 23 and go to Madina, Saudi Arabia, which is home to Islam's second holiest spot, as per Sabq news.

- From May 24 to June 10, the second group of Hajj flights from Indonesia will go to the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

- Beginning on June 22, flights will leave Saudi Arabia to transport people back to Indonesia after they have completed their Hajj 2024 rituals.

- A government source said that 241,000 Indonesians are planning to go on the Hajj this year. About 61% of the people who might go on a pilgrimage have already had the necessary health checks before they go to Saudi Arabia. Recommended Video : Ramadan 2024 is likely to start from this date in Saudi Arabia

- As part of a new strategy, Saudi Arabia has started early preparations for this year's Hajj, which takes place in June. Operations related to these plans began last month.

- About 1.8 million people from around the world performed Hajj in and around Mecca, Saudi Arabia, last year. This was the same number of people who did it before the pandemic.

- Riyadh has already made rules for the Hajj this year. With these rules in place, countries would no longer be given special spots at holy sites. Instead, spots will be set aside for each country based on when contracts are finalized.

- The Saudi Ministry of Hajj's Tawfiq Al Rabiah said, "The country that signs early will be given priority in taking the right places in the holy places." See Also : Saudi Arabia to United States, no relations with Israel until independent Palestine state with 1967 borders

- The process of getting a Hajj visa will begin on March 1 and finish on the 20th of Shawwal, which is April 29 in the Islamic calendar.

- Hajj visitors will start coming to Saudi Arabia on May 9, which is the first day of Dhul Qadah, the 11th Islamic month.

- The new system is meant to make getting ready for Hajj, an important Islamic duty, easier. Read : AlUla's Arts festival turns the old city into open-air living museum

Indonesia's 1st Hajj 2024 flight to land in Saudi Arabia in May -

Indonesia's 1st Hajj 2024 flight to land in Saudi Arabia in May

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